Descender Front System

The Adjustable Front Glass Wall System

This innovative product allows a perfect and barrier-free bond between living space and nature, creating an exceptional ambience. The entire glass facade is easily lowered into a basement-located utility room by simply pressing a button. Please see below two video demonstrations:

Range of use:

The well-provendescender front system is implemented into the building envelope as a thermally insulated wall. The major benefits of this system are the large-scale, floor-to-ceiling openings with level-free floor transition and wings parking in a basement-located utility room without requiring valuable space.

The system leaves room for object-specific adaptations, taking into consideration customer requirements. On demand, very small elevation widths of frames and wing profiles can be elaborated.

It is either possible to install individual front glass wall systems in wall intrados or, on demand, several plants can also be arranged side by side. Besides full-scale fixed-glazed glass fillings, there is a wide variety of products and combinations to choose from – entrance doors, tilt and slide windows, sectioning of glazing bars, whole-glass facades, wooden elements, masonry, to name but a few. There is an electro-mechanic drive including all the necessary components and the control system.