About us

The History

Martin Kollegger and his team have provided customer service and support both for private sector enterprises and public organisations since 1998.

Kollegger company works with first-class, innovative and complex products for an exclusive clientele. The team is small but highly qualified, and the mission statement is very clear: "We are well known for our commitment to deliver long-term and high-quality solutions. Our customers feel to be very well supported, they count on us and they build with us. It's not the quantity but the complexity and singularity of our projects that account for our formula of success. We do not sell products but solutions."

At first the enterprise was founded as an OEG (legal form for a General Registered Partnership in Austria) by Martin Kollegger and Peter Rühl. Both of them referred to longstanding vocational experience in the locksmith trade.

From the very beginning apprentices have been taken on and trained. The team consists of highly skilled employees, mostly from the region. Today the business is a company with limited liability and has a 1400m² shop floor and an up-to-date office building.

Investments made:

State-of-the art computer installations, machines for sheet metal forming, punching, drilling and grinding, turning and milling as well as high-performance welding machines and saws.

Management and Office

Martin Kollegger

Daniel Fasching
Project Leader

Kerstin Beichler

Maria Vacheva

Descender Front Marketing International

Descender Front sales international

Irene Konschill
Descender Front sales UK


Jonathan Gratton
BA (Hons) DipArch RIBA
Descender Front sales UK